Strength and Conditioning For Runners – 4 Week Programme


  • 4-week plan (doing one session per week)
  • Equipment and non-equipment based – You will need either a set of dumbells/kettlebell or barbell
  • Exercises, sets, repetitions and instruction of exercise clearly explained
  • Programmed in a periodised fashion to allow your body to get stronger each week as you are supplementing the weight programme with your running schedule
  • Core stability exercises to allow for stronger core, less upper body rotation, enhanced power and prevent low back pain
  • Single leg exercises and explosive plyometric exercises are in the programme to allow for enhanced ground contact time

The Runner’s weight training plan is an at home equipment and non-equipment based training routine for both males and females looking to stay in peak running condition during the COVID-19 lockdown. These session plans are designed to enhance your overall body strength to enhance your running technique and efficiency, reduce injuries and stabilise core to keep you strong and upright throughout the duration of the race.

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