Abs and Core 4 Week Programme


  • 4-week plan (doing one session per week)
  • Non-Equipment based – all bodyweight exercises
  • Exercises, sets, repetitions and instruction of exercise clearly explained for maximum abdominal burn and tone
  • Programmed in a periodised fashion to allow your abs to never know what’s coming next
  • Core stability exercises to allow for stronger core and prevent low back pain
  • Made in a circuit fashion to also maximise calorie burn and increase muscle tone of the abdominal area

The Abs & Core home bodyweight training plan is an at home non-equipment based abdominal targeted training routine for both males and females looking to keep their and & core in great shape during the COVID-19 lockdown. These session plans are consisted of high intensity abdominal workout routines to target your abs, core and obliques to help you strengthen your core and get those abs you’ve always wanted by increasing muscle tone. With the right diet and these high intensity abs & core workout plans you will start to see your abdominals take shape like never before.

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