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Meet Suzanne…

Suzanne has been with me for just 4 weeks and has already made massive progress. I was a little apprehensive for putting a transformation up within a short space of time but Suzanne has dropped TWO DRESS SIZES, losing lots of inches off of her waistline, legs and arms. She is an incredibly dedicated and passionate individual towards bettering her health and fitness. Her main goal is to be fitter and healthier for herself but also for her husband and children. She knows how impactful leading a healthy lifestyle is to create life longevity. Suzanne has 2 children and a husband, people say they don’t have time, Suzanne also thought this way for a short time until she met me in the gym and we started to plan time for the gym each day for her to come in for 30-45minutes a day out with our 1-2-1 training sessions. Now she has created a great routine for herself with the gym and also still has time to spend with her family. She has turned her life around in such a short space of time, she is an absolute pleasure to train.

Meet Craig…

I’ve been working with Sean for 9 months now and he has had a massive positive influence on my running. I approached Sean because I was in a rut, struggling to fit training in to a busy family life and around work commitments. From day one Sean has been everything I needed in a coach and more. During our first 6 months working together, Sean’s enthusiasm, empathy and ability to help me strike a much healthier work-life balance is the only reason I didn’t give up running altogether. Sean helped me develop a much more positive mindset which has underpinned my recent success. Sean is highly knowledgeable in strength and conditioning as well as in running training. He has an openness and willingness to share his own training, a total commitment to his clients, endless enthusiasm and motivation which is infectious. Because Sean as helped me get into a far more positive headspace, I have been able to string together 10 weeks of uninterrupted training for the first time ever. This has resulted in me going from the brink of giving up to running the following 10k times: May 37:00, June 36:00, August 35:03 (my first PB in 15 months!), September 34:39. Also, a new personal best of 15mins 30s in the 5km too!! I am now running faster than I thought I ever would and feeling confident of going significantly faster over the remainder of the year. Sean has given me the tools to take my running to new heights and more importantly than all, changed my mindset so that I am loving running now more than I ever have before. I can’t recommend Sean and the Fontanafit brand highly enough.

Real Client Stories

Meet Andrew…

I started one to one training sessions with Sean just after lockdown, I was a bit apprehensive at first as you get all those preconceptions that your trainer is going to have muscles popping out of every part of there body and shouting at you and putting you down so they can build you back up but from the first introduction I felt at ease with Sean there was no screaming or shouting just someone who knows exactly what there talking about knows how to get you motivated and push yourself without having to shout at you but not only does he get you motivated at the gym but he gets you motivated for life in general he’s not one of those trainers who is only interested in dealing with you whilst you are the gym if your finding it hard to push yourself through the day Sean and the Fontana fit family are only a click away since training with Sean I feel fitter and stronger physically and mentally and ready to take on whatever life throws at me so if you looking for a trainer to shout at you and have you mincing about the gym then Fontana fit isn’t for you but if you want someone who can motivate and keep you motivated and knows exactly what he’s talking about then Fontana fit is the place your looking for.

Real Client Stories

Real Client Stories

Meet Sue…

Sue after 9 weeks of training with me has lost a staggering 4.5kg (That’s 9.9lbs!!) Over a pound per week, but the weight didn’t start to come down until week 2, so that is almost a stone in weight in just 7 weeks!

Meet Kirsty…

Kirsty has gone from a size 20/18 down to a 14/12 in just 3 months. Kirsty is a single mum and works in full time employment. She has done amazing work to ensure her workouts fit around her lifestyle. Now that’s a warrior’s mentality and I’m absolutely blown away by her dedication and her consistency. Great work Kirsty.

Meet Jan…

Another success story in FontanaFit. Jan has gone from a size 18 to a size 12 in just 8 weeks!!!

Meet Tony…

I joined Sean during lockdown where I do his online zoom fitness classes for 30mins three times per week. These have been great to keep active during lockdown otherwise I would have probably sat around and not done any exercise. I was sceptical at first as I didn’t think the online coach was for me, however, the online classes feel like I’m doing an actual class as Sean does the exercises with us all. I’ve went from a 36-inch waist to a 34-inch waist DURING LOCKDOWN!! I can’t thank him enough for his motivation to keep me working hard and staying fit, healthy and active.

Meet Sonia…

Sonia has been with me for 16 weeks, doing one 1-2-1 session per week on top of doing her training sessions that I give her out with our 1-2-1 training session. She has made an incredible improvement in losing 1.5-2st in weight and lots of inches from her waist, arms and legs! Through Sonia’s hard work and dedication to the training programme she has transformed her body and life. She now enjoys coming to the gym regularly and has now saw the positive impact in health and fitness.

Meet John…

can’t recommend Fontana Fit enough. I’ve been a competitive runner for almost 20 years and for most of that time I’ve been self-coached. Over the last few months working with Sean, he’s taken my performance and fitness to a level I’ve never reached before and to be honest didn’t believe was possible. He’s taken me out of my comfort zone and used his expertise and personal approach to create a training programme which has been absolutely ideal for me. His attention to detail and his passion for what he does are pretty unique. He’ll listen to you as his client and respond to your needs, using his experience and knowledge to help you rather than simply telling you what to do. His approach is very much collaborative. Sean is also very approachable and easy to work with. I always come away from a session or conversation with him feeling energised and positive. – John Murray

Meet Me!

At 24 I changed my diet from super high carbohydrates and huge 3 meals per day to smaller meals that are natural fats and protein based with a small amount of carbohydrates leaned my body right down. I hold less water from the excessive carbohydrates, I am lighter, leaner, happier and smarter to what I put into my body. I lost 14gks (2 stone 2 lbs) in 6 months. 85kg down to 71kg.

Meet Jon…

Sean is a great PT, once you set goals, you can be sure you will be pushing, pulling and lifting the right amount in the right way. Added to his huge nutritional knowledge and his “training psych” you can be sure Sean will do very well for you. I started at 60kg for my bench, now I’m up to 92.5kg!

Meet Robert…

I’ve been working with Sean throughout lockdown on a marathon training plan aimed at improving my core, my speed and overall fitness. His 4 weekly plans are designed for the individuals set goals and his weekly catch ups by telephone, as well as the ongoing support via text (and the occasional – and badly required – reality check) made such a difference to my motivation & overall training, particularly when injury threatened to derail the plans. This all culminated in a 10 minute marathon PB last weekend. Thank you Fontana Fit and here’s to achieving more goals in 2021.

Meet Guatam…

Sean is quite enthusiastic and committed to work on the health and fitness of his clients. He sets goals upfront, sets out a plan, challenges as the plan goes on, provides flexibility to suit one’s capabilities, tracks and shares progress and always available for a chat. He discusses techniques in detail and demonstrates well while pick small things that could make a good difference to one’s technique. I thoroughly enjoy his personal training and I would recommend someone who wants to change the way they look at their health and fitness.

Meet Courtney…

After failing my fitness test for the Scottish Ambulance Service I contacted Sean to build up my strength and started training on the 1st August.

After only 8 sessions with Sean I attempted my second fitness assessment and passed on the 8th September, which was a breeze due to Sean’s test focused training sessions.

Meet Kate…

Sean Fontana has literally turned my life around. He has supported me with both my physical & mental health & wellbeing. He has complete faith in you as a client & has provided me with an effective nutrition plan & exercises tailored for me as an individual ensuring steady progress. I have never felt so motivated due to Sean’s positive support & sense of humour. For the first time I know i will reach my goals with Seam as an effective mentor 💪🏼

Meet Lindsay…

Sean provides a fabulous, professional and personalised approach to his athletes. Taking his time to get to know the athlete, what they want to improve and how they can work together to achieve this.
Definitely recommend 👌

Meet Heather…

Heather has gone from a size 16/14 to a whopping size 10/8 in just 2 months of training with Me. Her ridiculous work ethic and discipline has been rewarded by achieving a toned and defined physique that she is extremely impressed with. 

Meet Sarah…

I found Sean through Instagram when I was looking for a running coach , from the initial contact it was evident he had both knowledge and passion for sport, fitness and wellbeing. Fontana Fit is professionally run and delivers a very personal experience . I searched high and low for a good coach close to me and each one failed short of my expectations . Fontana fit have gone above and beyond to deliver excellent coaching, all I can say is if you are reading these reviews … try FontanaFit and I am sure you will be writing a 5 star review in the weeks to come too . The adaptation to deliver online / remote learning through Covid19 also demonstrates the commitment Fontana Fit as to its clients . I can not recommend Sean and the Fontana Fit team enough . Spot on ! Thank you 🙂

Meet Louise…

I’ve been training with Sean for around two years now. Before I started training with Sean, I mostly done just cardio stuff like cross trainer, bike and walking on the treadmill. However, Sean has taught me so much on weight training that I now love how it has changed my body and confidence in the gym environment. I’m now more knowledgeable on weight training with dumbbells, resistance machine and kettlebells.

Meet Fiona…

Sean provides a professional and individual approach to whatever goals you may have regardless of gender, age or level of fitness. He adopts a holistic approach to coaching and whether you want to run, cycle, swim, all three or neither, FontanaFit can give you an individualised plan which includes nutrition, mindset and liberal amounts of encouragement and wisdom.

Meet Paul…

Sean’s online classes are excellent and are keeping me highly motivated during these strange times. If you want to keep both mentally and physically fit I would highly recommend following Sean and take part in his online Zoom classes. I also use Sean’s online running coaching if you’re a keen runner then have a look.

Meet Mark…

Training with Sean since late last year has been amazing, an all-round great guy as well as an excellent personal trainer… during this difficult time we are facing, Sean has adapted his business in such a way that he’s looking after everyone’s mental health as well as physical health during lockdown. His online classes are keeping me motivated despite not being able to access the gym and his banter remains top notch! A great way to break the boredom and keep active.

Meet Steve…

Sean has been coaching me with the FontanaFit running program. Sean regularly checks in on how my training is going via WhatsApp and gives advice over the phone before the next monthly training plan. Sean is very encouraging and thrives to see his clients achieve their goals. I’ve certainly become a more confident athlete through Sean’s coaching. I’d highly recommend the weekly online fitness classes as well. If you’re looking to improve your running, improve your fitness and have a positive mindset, I’d highly recommend FontanaFit.

Meet Tara…

Tara has gone from a size 10 to a size 8 with proper nutritional guidance and a tailored strength and conditioning plan in just 3 months!

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Whether you’re looking to train on a 1-2-1 basis or simply just want the support you need to help you reach those goals you’re longing to achieve, there are various options available to you.

  • Online Coaching

  • £80pcm+
    • Online Coaching to suit you
    • Training Programs
    • Nutrition & Cardio Protocols
    • Programme Adjustments
    • 24/7 Guidance & Support
    • Weekly Check-ins via Emails/Phone
    • Access to FontanaFit Facebook Group
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  • Personal Training

  • £160pcm+
    • 1-2-1 Personal Training Sessions
    • Training Programs
    • Nutrition & Cardio Protocols
    • Programme Adjustments
    • 24/7 Guidance & Support
    • Weekly Check-ins via Emails/Phone
    • Access to FontanaFit Facebook Group
    • Free FontanaFit T-Shirt

  • Online Running Coaching

  • £40pcm
    • Running Specific Coaching
    • Training Program
    • Programme Adjustments
    • Strength Routine
    • Guidance on Variables
    • Milage, Footwear, Intensity
    • Regular Support
    • Free FontanaFit T-Shirt