10km Training Plan (Advanced)


  • This is for anyone looking to break the 40-35 minute barrier for 10km
  • Looking to build your aerobic base and endurance. However, there are some specific speed endurance sessions in this programme that will get your body ready for smashing that 40-35 minute barrier
  • Comprises of 6 runs per week with 1 full day recovery to allow body to absorb the training
  • Building from a mixture of running sessions that will stretch your fitness and endurance to help you cope with the demands of the 10km distance i.e. Tempo running, interval training, hill training, long runs up to 90mins and recovery running and one double run day each week
  • The running programme will consist of a 3 week progressive overload cycle with a 1 week regeneration phase to allow your body to absorb all your hard training
  • You will also receive a free specific running strength and conditioning PDF with your running programme purchase

This is for anyone looking to break the 40-35 minute barrier for 10km

Do you have an ambition to complete your first ever 10km or to be in peak condition for a 10km race? Then these plans are for you. These 10km training plans have been tried and tested on hundreds of my online running clients and I’ve formulated the perfect plan for all 10km runners abilities. We have beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite 10km programmes to cater for all abilities.

If you’re an athlete looking for a 4-week training programme that has been created by international athletes to maximise your potential as a runner then this programme is for you.

These programmes have been designed to unlock your potential over 10km by using specific scientific methods of aerobic development (easy running), anaerobic development (interval training), tempo running and aerobic conditioning (long run) to allow for all specific energy systems to be utilised and developed in a periodised fashion to allow maximum physiological benefit whilst decreasing the chance of injury through a well balanced programme.

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