Online Running Coaching


As a National and International runner, I help improve peoples energy systems specific to the demands of the event they wish to compete at. I will use various forms of training to help you become more efficient as a runner and help you understand how to peak at the right time to achieve optimum performance come race day!

This coaching is suitable for beginners and seasoned runner looking to hold an extra edge over competitors. I’m able to cater to all fitness levels and get you onto your new Personal Best!

Bespoke Training

A training plan fully customised to your requirements.

Program Adjustments

As and when needed to enhance progress.

Strength Routine

A customised and running-specific strength session.

Guidance & Support

Consider milage, intensity, stretching & footwear!

Unlimited Support

Send me an email whenever you like to chat.

FontanaFit also supports you with advice on race selection, running kit, race preparation, mental training, goal-setting, motivation, and more. You’ll have a training plan that works for you, with no more uncertainty and no more thinking “what training should I do today?”. You’ll get new insight into your training, with jargon-free explanations of different training types. In addition, the strength training routine will help you develop resilience to injury and to better understand your body, supporting your running and all-round fitness.



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Online Running Coaching

£60 per month

Bespoke Training

Strength Routine

Programme Adjustments 

24/7 Guidance & Support

Milage, intensity, footwear

Weekly Checkins

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